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#3 Should We Just Join the Private Discord Channel?

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 10.03.2021 12:35PM
Originally Posted by Stradlin View Post
Yeah about that..
I assume these forums count as official platform under Rules of Conduct too, right?

When it comes to harassment, this is how it goes on these forums, based on my 1st hand experiences:

Folks moderating these forums are pretty quick to spot overt harassment and remove such messages. However, amazingly, you* do nothing that would actually make the person doing the harassment stop. Same person can peck his target at peace for months to an end here. You clearly recognize the personal attacks or harassment as such - you remove the violating posts. I bet some slaps on the wrists happen in the process. However, amazingly, you do nothing that would make the person doing it to stop.People on these forums can do extremely vicioous ad hominem pretty freely here. Harasser posts latest attacks on, say, Friday. Posts might get removed on Monday..big deal. It has already been seen and read anyway. It doesn't cost anything for the harasser to make new posts bit later. That's perfectly adequate timeframe in calculations of the harsasser. - Just post more of that same stuff next week.

Also based on 1st hand experience, you* are extremely efficient and absolutely brutal when you spot somebody posting about topics you don't like. If poster is running with a wrong enough topic,it hits a stonewall right there. Stuff can go from 100 mph to 0 extremely fast, efficiently and permanently here. You make sure person who just hit stonewall never posts about the wrong enough topic again. You can make sure it stops right there and then, for good.

^Posts that are essentially all about targeted harassment doesn't get such treatment at all. To continue the same analogy, targeted harassment goes from 100 mph, 75mph on Monday, and person behind the wheel can gradually increase it back to 100 mph by wednesday or something. Targeted harassment doesn't meet a stone wall as much as it runs into a small speed bumb.

I find the massive difference between these two 1st hand experiences pretty sad.

I think it is perfectly likely and very human that names of people involved, post counts, who is " forum regular" and who isn't are HUGE factors and variables in this.

* "You" through all of the above refers to BW forum staff as a collective, over the years.I don't speak of you, JackieKo, or about any one BW/EA person in general.

In case it is relevant, 1st hand experiences about harassment happened over 3-4 months through last summer/autumn. The ..1st hand experience of the other hand was years and years back.

Yes, the forums here are considered an official platform. That said, I have spent a lot of time understanding the culture here including what has been done in the past, expectations of both player and dev, what can be improved upon or changed, balancing moderation presence etc... since I've been brought on board. While I cannot go into details regarding what actions we take against posts and accounts that violate our guidelines and Rules of Conduct, please know that we do take them. It won't always be obvious in the public eye, but there is a lot of movement behind the scenes. Warnings are given, and accounts can and have been suspended or outright banned.

My end goal is to cultivate a healthy community and that is obtained in various ways outside of moderation and cannot be done in a short amount of time. There is a lot of history here, and I'm doing my best to empathize with player and dev sentiment alike.

I realize that this is an off topic post, but I did want to address this topic as it is relevant to all players who frequent the forums.
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