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#4 Upcoming Guild Conquest Updates

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 11.03.2021 08:47AM
Hi all,

I wanted to take a moment and address a few points we are seeing in this thread.

With regard to the changes we made recently to Crafting based Conquest Objectives, these changes were made because there was proof of exploitative behavior, both provided by the community as well as within our own data.

While this was largely related to the Crafting: Inventor Conquest Objective, we also saw indication that this same behavior was also affecting and was possible with the Crew Skills: Harvesting Conquest Objective and had the potential to reach further into all other avenues of Crafting based Objectives. As Chris mentioned, many of these activities were found to be repetitive in nature such that they could be automated in ways which violate our Terms of Service. Because many of the Crafting based Conquest objectives were open-ended (aka Infinitely Repeatable), this combination had the potential to cascade. We needed to close these systems off, hence changing them from Infinite to Weekly/Daily.

While addressing the issue above, we took into consideration players who enjoy Crafting and wish for it to remain a viable means for earning Conquest. By increasing the number of required crafts for the Weekly, we were able to appropriately balance the Objective to provide more points than if we had done a 1:1 conversion (for instance, if we had simply changed the previous Craft 50 to a Weekly). We then created Crafting: Inventor 2 as a means for players to earn additional Conquest points through the Crafting system. This was in an effort to alleviate the change in repeatability, while still providing means for Crafting to be used for Conquest contribution. You can now earn more Conquest for crafting less items than before the update, as exampled below
  • 1 Weekly Objective = 6,400 Points for 100 Crafts
  • 7 Daily Objectives = 7,700 Points for 350 Crafts
    • For a total of 14,100 Points for 450 Crafts.
Previously in order to earn 14,100 Conquest Points through Crafting, players would have needed to have crafted ~950 items.

This has not been the first time we addressed Infinite repeat objectives. In the past, we made a change to the formerly Infinite Repeatable Chapters: Defeat Skytroopers 2 to a Daily Repeat to also address exploitative behavior we were seeing. Crafting was not and has not been explicitly singled out. We are always assessing Infinite Repeat Objectives offered and their potential for negative behavior, while also considering their benefit, or lack thereof, in the greater game.

I also want to come back to the points I made in my original Guilds and Conquest post.

Guilds are a large factor in not only our game, but in any game with a social backdrop to it. We took into consideration the negative impact the behavior we were seeing had on new players whether they be new to the game or new to Guilds. Changes were made to ensure that players were joining the right Guild for the right reasons including the departure from said Guild.

I would like to note a few takeaways based off of feedback we received;
1) Players use(d) crafting (and specifically the lower point Crafting: Inventor) to tip a character nearing their 50k Personal Conquest just enough over the goal without taking up other potential objectives for your remaining characters.
2) There is a desire for a healthy number of lesser point filler objectives which can be used multiple times over larger point objectives to help ensure that the first point is covered.
3) There is a wish for Crafting to remain (and be more of) an integral part of the Conquest experience.
4) Players want to see change in how Conquests work, specifically with Leaderboards.

This feedback does not fall on deaf ears. We actively discuss ways we can address both the viability and importance of crafting in Conquest, address the notion of not wanting to tip far over the 50k Personal goal to ensure you have room for alternate characters, and how we can make Conquest a competitive yet fair system for Guilds of all sizes. We will continue to take your suggestions into consideration while also taking a look into the larger picture of Conquest and how we can continue to improve it.

As always we appreciate your feedback, and ask that you continue to be civil and respectful in your discussions, and keep the threads on topic.
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