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Game Update 6.3 Livestream Recap

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 18.03.2021 05:20PM
Hello everyone!

Earlier today we had a SWTOR team livestream. In it we talked about some of our recent updates as well as officially announced Game Update 6.3 - 'The Dark Descent'. After seeing how much the community enjoyed the pre-recorded interviews with our voice actors, we debuted two new ones featuring Moira Quirk and Gideon Emery. The recording is available to watch now on Twitch and I included timestamps for each segment. If you prefer YouTube, I will include the publishing schedule at the bottom of my post as well.
  • General introduction by Musco, Jackie, Chris, and Charles. (00:05:00)
  • Game Update 6.2 - 'Echoes of Vengeance' Recap
    • Conclusion of the Emperor Storyline
      • Charles may have spoiled plot points for 6.2 live on stream for anyone that wasn't up to date yet...
    • New Mandalorian story Flashpoint - The Spirit of Vengeance
    • Login Rewards
    • Emote Window
  • Game Update 6.2.1 Recap
    • Uprising Updates
    • Amplifier UI Changes
    • Ranked PvP Season 13 conclusion
    • Conquest changes
  • Game Update 6.3 - 'The Dark Descent' Announcement (00:11:18)
    • New Flashpoint: Secrets of the Enclave
    • New Story
    • Galactic Seasons
    • Ranked PvP - Season 14
  • Secrets of the Enclave
    • In this new Flashpoint, players will visit the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in pursuit of Darth Malgus...
    • Available in the following difficulties:
      • Story
      • Veteran
      • Master Mode
    • Will come with new achievements and new rewards!
    • Enemy forces have taken control of the outskirts around the enclave. Enemies will change depending on your faction. (EX. Empire players will fight Republic forces and vice versa.)
    • After navigating some crystal caves, players will break in and explore the interior ruins of the enclave itself.
      • Several screenshots were shown off.
    • Empire players will be joined by Darth Krovos and Darth Rivix.
    • Republic players will be joined by Aryn Leneer and Arn Peralun.
  • Pre-recorded interview with Moira Quirk! (00:18:00)
    • Moira is the voice behind Aryn Leneer! Long time players may recognize her voice from a handful of other characters, most notably Elara Dorne.
  • While a giveaway was happening for chat, Jackie pulled some questions that were asked. (00:40:30)
  • "Characters we just saw... romance possibilities?"
    • This particular update is not high on the romance charts, but if we're speaking theoretically about all four characters...
      • Darth Krovos - We've never really gotten into what her situation really is. Maybe her and Admiral Zanken had a thing, maybe they're just really good friends, who knows. So I'm going to say maybe... but she's definitely someone that would kill you in your sleep, so be careful with that.
      • Darth Rivix - Definitely someone who would murder you in your sleep, but you'd have a great time. (Cue laughter from the team as that's alluding to a certain talking point in Gideon Emery's interview).
      • Arn Peralun - There's nothing particular in this update, but we'd be open to it in the future. It's something the writing team has heard the desire for.
      • Aryn Leneer - Aryn is married and has a kid, so whoa back off there. Respect their relationship.
  • "Where's Malgus?"
    • We certainly hinted at it, but Malgus is the whole reason players are going to Dantooine and the Jedi Enclave. He was spotted there and players are trying to track him down and see what he has been up to sine we last saw him. He doesn't seem to be following either Empress Acina or Emperor Vowrawn.
  • Galactic Seasons (00:44:00)
    • We're launching a whole new system called Galactic Seasons. Players can earn new and exciting rewards by completing Daily and Weekly Objectives.
    • The timestamp above links to Chris talking about the system, but an in-depth written article can be found here. There is also a separate forum thread that I spun up earlier today announce that.
  • Pre-recorded interview with Gideon Emery! (00:52:05)
    • Gideon is the voice behind Darth Rivix! At a certain point in the interview you'll see why Charles and the team started laughing at the idea of romancing Darth Rivix.
  • While another giveaway was happening for chat, Jackie pulled some more questions that were asked. (01:10:00)
  • "For Galactic Seasons, are the rewards Legacy or Character based?"
    • They are Legacy based and they will unlock in Collections! And just to follow up on that also, the points earned are also Legacy based.
  • "Nico Okar and Paxton Rall, when?"
    • Interesting. Interesting. I will say the vendor will have some interesting things on rotation, so be sure to check out the vendor and maybe we'll surprise you.
  • "When it comes to Seasons will I have to be subscribed for the full five months or can I subscribe at the end and claim them all?"
    • That's a great question! To clarify, there also isn't a buy in price for the system, it's free. Subscribers do get an additional reward track though. So what happens is your progress will continue whether you're subscribed or not. If you're not subscribed, it will continue at a slightly slower rate. However you will not be earning those Subscriber rewards. If you do subscribe at a later point, you can retroactively claim all the rewards you would have earned as a Subscriber. For example, if you subscribed and were at level 30 for the Season, you could then immediately claim all the Subscriber track rewards from 1 - 30.
  • "Double XP, when?"
    • Soon! Probably shortly after Game Update 6.3 we would anticipate. The team was just discussing this a few days ago.
  • Game Update 6.3 - 'The Dark Descent' will be making its way to PTS soon. PTS will also be available on Steam! The team is targeting next week, but it's subject to change. We did not announce a release date for Game Update 6.3. We'll announce a release date after everyone has had a few weeks of hands-on experience with the PTS.

Other video links:
  • Like the last livestream, the whole VOD has been uploaded to YouTube if you prefer that as a viewing platform. - LINK
  • A standalone cut of the Moira Quirk interview will be uploaded to YouTube at 12:00pm CDT, Friday March 19th. - LINK WILL BE POSTED HERE
  • A standalone cut of the Gideon Emery interview will be uploaded to YouTube at 12:00pm CDT, Saturday March 20th. - LINK WILL BE POSTED HERE

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