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#2 Galactic Seasons Feedback

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 23.03.2021 12:07PM
Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment to go into further details for Galactic Seasons and provide you all some insight into how you can expect to interact and progress through this new reward track, and then answer some questions we have seen!

Earning Galactic Season Points: Priority Objectives and Login Rewards
In order to progress through Galactic Seasons you will need to earn a new type of experience called Galactic Season Points. Earning Galactic Season Points can be done through various means-the first being through completing specific Daily and Weekly Conquest Objectives we are calling Priority Objectives, and the second being from Login Rewards!

When you first log in, you will be given 4 Priority Objectives; 2 Daily Priority Objectives, and 2 Weekly Priority Objectives. Daily Priority Objectives refresh every day, providing you with up to 14 Daily Priority Objectives per week. Weekly Priority Objectives refresh themselves on the Weekly reset. This means you will only ever have 2 Weekly Priority Objectives per week. Priority Objectives comprise of existing and new Conquest Objectives, and can be identified by their new Galactic Seasons icon, their mention of Galactic Season Points (GSP), and should be filtered to the top of your Conquest Objective list. Completing a Priority Objective will grant the standard Conquest Points attached to the base objective.

Daily Priority Objectives are intended to be Objectives you can complete entirely on your own, and (generally speaking) should take no more than 20-30 minutes per Objective. Our goal is that these are Objectives you would most likely already be completing while working through your Conquest goals. Below are some examples of Daily Priority Objectives you may find (subject to change):
  • Complete Corellia: Defeat Enemies 2
  • Complete CZ-198: Weekly Mission

Weekly Priority Objectives are intended to be Objectives you may require assistance in completing, and (generally speaking) should take no more than 50-70 minutes per Objective. Below are some examples of Weekly Priority Objectives you may find (subject to change):
  • Complete Operation: Story
  • Complete Unranked: Victorious 2

In addition to Priority Objectives, players may also earn Galactic Season Points through the Login Rewards system by simply logging into the game any 4 days of the week! Utilizing the Subscriber Bonus Rewards day tracker (the check marks on the Login Rewards page), this point grant is available to all players, regardless of their Subscription status (though Subscribers will earn extra Galactic Season Points).

Talking Numbers!
Now that we know how to earn Galactic Season Points, let's talk about the current numbers associated with each avenue, how many points you need per Reward Level, and how long we plan for Season 1: The Stranger From Kubindi to last! As always, the following values are subject to change.

As mentioned in our announcement blog for Galactic Seasons, our current planned duration for Galactic Seasons: Season 1 is 5 months (or roughly 150 days). Each Reward Level will require 8 Galactic Season Points to obtain, for a total of 800 Galactic Season Points over the course of the Season. Below are the current incomes for Galactic Season Points and their avenues.
  • Login Rewards (Granted on day 4)
    • Free and Preferred players: 8 Galactic Season Points per week
    • Subscribers: 12 Galactic Season Points per week
  • Daily Priority Objectives
    • Free and Preferred players: 2 Galactic Season Points each
    • Subscribers: 3 Galactic Season Points each
  • Weekly Priority Objectives
    • Free and Preferred players: 8 Galactic Season Points each
    • Subscribers: 12 Galactic Season Points each

Given these values, a subscribed player has the opportunity to earn up to 78 Galactic Season Points per week, while Free and Preferred players have the opportunity to earn up to 52 Galactic Season Points per week!

This means that a Subscribed player who actively participates to earn all possible points available to them per week will be able to reach Reward Level 100 with ample time to spare!

Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some questions we have seen come through with regards to Galactic Seasons:

Q: Will the rewards from Galactic Seasons only be available during their specific Season?
A: Rewards from the Reward Track are intended to only be available during their specific Season. Items found on the Galactic Seasons vendor will rotate in and out over time, including items relating to the rewards from the Reward Track (i.e. alternative colorings, or skins, of the Seasonal mounts).

Q: Does this mean Seasons won't be a one-time thing, but will be recurring?
A: Yes, our plan is that Galactic Seasons will be a recurring feature moving forward!

Q: Can we obtain previous or existing Operation or Warzone rewards from Galactic Seasons and/or the Galactic Seasons vendor?
A: No. Warzone and Operation rewards are tied to the effort put forth in those activities. You should not expect to see any rewards from previous or current Warzone or Operations explicitly in Galactic Seasons or the Galactic Seasons Vendor. Those rewards are, and will continue to be, specific to those activities.

Q: Will you be increasing the cap for Strongholds?
A: We are currently investigating this. Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy Galactic Seasons on PTS, and look forward to discussing it with you!
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