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PvP Test

Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt ( Original Post ) | 31.03.2021 11:14AM

Hi folks,

Weve received feedback regarding the Mandalorian Battle Ring arena map, and in an effort to isolate a fix for some of the problems currently in the live game, we plan on forcing only this map to fire on the PTS for all PvP modes. Were looking for some folks to jump in and try it out. Mainly we are looking for all of the various ways players are reporting dying to the map in the live game:
  • Running out of the spawn area
  • Running against torches on both the interior and exterior of the ring
  • Running against crates underneath the center arena
  • Running over ramps

If you experience any deaths to the arena map itself, please let us know in this thread. And what was the last thing you recall doing when you were killed.

We do have some new logging implemented on the PTS build in order to allow us to isolate the fixes required before the 6.3 (and Season 14 start) game update, so even just hopping in and playing will help us out.

Thank you!
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