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#6 Galactic Seasons Feedback

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 06.04.2021 11:48AM
Hi all,

As we enter week 3 of PTS for Galactic Seasons, we wanted to take a moment and give you some information on some changes and updates we have made to Galactic Seasons. Lets dive in!

Reward Track and Galactic Seasons XP
We have continued iterating on the Reward Track and Galactic Seasons screen. Here are some updates you should expect to see with the Reward Track and Galactic Seasons screen this week:
  • The Galactic Seasons experience bar should now correctly track your progress.
  • Tooltips are now enabled for the Reward Track.
  • Previewing is now available for rewards on the Reward Track.
  • Altuurs Ornate weapons, the Albino and Arid Teithek, and Altuurs Infiltrator customization previously found only on Kiat Thavo, the Galactic Seasons Seasonal Rewards vendor, are now also available on the Subscriber Reward track.
  • Decorations granted through the Reward track will now grant 10 copies of themselves.
  • Each page of the Reward track now displays 5 Reward Levels.
  • The Login Rewards screen has been updated to reflect the opportunities to earn Galactic Season Points simply by logging into the game any 4 days of the week. This is available to all players regardless of their Subscription status, however Subscribers will earn more Galactic Season Points per week.
  • Galactic Season point values from Login Rewards have been changed. The new values are as follows:
    • Subscribers will earn 8 Galactic Season Points per week from Login Rewards (down from 12).
    • Free and Preferred players will earn 4 Galactic Season Points per week from Login Rewards (down from 8).

Priority Objectives
We are continuing to make adjustments to Priority Objectives based on feedback, both in terms of how to locate them as well as what their requirements are. Here are some updates you should expect to see with Priority Objectives this week:
  • Clicking on the Daily Priority Objectives and Weekly Priority Objectives portion of the Galactic Seasons screen will now correctly take you to your assigned Priority Objectives.
  • Priority Objective filtering should now be in place to only show you your active Priority Objectives which will earn you Galactic Season Points.
  • Priority Objectives will now display the number of Galactic Season Points you will earn for completing them in the rewards section of the description panel of each Priority Objective.
  • Priority Objectives have now been given a different background than standard Conquest Objectives to help differentiate them a little more on your list when viewing them in the Conquest Window.
  • Priority Objectives will now display as purple when being tracked to help differentiate them from Conquest Objectives or other tracked Achievements.

Priority Objective Refresh
You will now be able to Refresh Daily and/or Weekly Priority Objectives to remove ones you may not have desire to do and replace them with another option. Players will be allowed one Refresh per day for Daily Priority Objectives, and one Refresh per week for Weekly Priority Objectives.

When viewing your Priority Objectives in your Conquest list, there will be a Refresh option in the description panel for Objectives eligible for a Refresh. Activating this will remove the assigned Priority Objective and replace it with another.

There is a known issue with this first implementation. Please see the known issues section below.

Priority Objectives List
When Galactic Seasons goes live, players will be given Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives based around a section of the Galaxy. For PTS, we will cover the Coreward Worlds section of the Galaxy, which includes planets such as Alderaan, Balmorra, Corellia, Mek-Sha, and Onderon. Below is the list of all potential Priority Objectives available during this week of PTS. Note that while this list encompasses all potential Priority Objectives, this does not mean that all players will encounter all of these during any given week. Rather, this is the pool for which Priority Objectives are assigned to players from.

Daily Priority Objectives
  • Daily PO: Defeat Coreward World Enemies: Defeat non-player opponents across Alderaan, Balmorra, Corellia, Mek-Sha, or Onderon.
    • Requires 75 defeated enemies
  • Daily PO: Defeat Alderaan Insectoids: Defeat insectoids across Alderaan. Insectoids include: Geonosians, Killiks, Colicoids, Shaclaws
    • Requires 75 defeated enemies
  • Daily PO: Defeat Balmorra Insectoids: Defeat insectoids across Balmorra. Insectoids include: Geonosians, Killiks, Colicoids, Shaclaws
    • Requires 75 defeated enemies
  • Daily PO: Coreward Heroics: Complete [HEROIC] missions on either Alderaan, Balmorra, or Corellia.
    • Requires any 3 from either Alderaan, Balmorra, or Corellia
  • Daily PO: Black Hole Daily Missions: Complete [DAILY] Missions in the Black Hole.
    • Requires 6 Daily Missions
  • Daily PO: Onderon Daily Missions: Complete [DAILY] Missions on Onderon.
    • Requires 5 Daily Missions
  • Daily PO: Unranked Warzones: Compete in any Unranked Warzone match.
    • Requires 1 completed Unranked Warzone match
  • Daily PO: Galactic Starfighter: Complete any Starfighter match.
    • Requires 1 completed Galactic Starfighter match
  • Daily PO: Defeat Capital Enemies: Defeat non-player opponents across Coruscant or Dromund Kaas.
    • Requires 75 defeated enemies
  • Daily PO: Defeat Home World Enemies: Defeat non-player opponents across Hutta, Korriban, Ord Mantell, or Tython.
    • Requires 75 defeated enemies

Weekly Priority Objectives
  • Weekly PO: Coreward Flashpoints: Complete any of the following Flashpoints on Veteran difficulty mode through Group Finder: Assault on Tython, Depths of Manaan, Kuat Drive Yards, Red Reaper.
    • Requires any 3 completed Flashpoints
  • Weekly PO: Coreward Worlds Operations: Complete any of the following Operations on Story difficulty mode: Nature of Progress, Scum and Villainy, or Hive of the Mountain Queen.
    • Requires 1 completed Nature of Progress or Scum and Villainy, or 3 completed Hive of the Mountain Queen
  • Weekly PO: Unranked Warzones: Compete in Unranked Warzone matches.
    • Requires 3 completed Unranked Warzone matches
  • Weekly PO: Galactic Starfighter: Complete multiple Starfighter matches.
    • Requires 4 completed Galactic Starfighter matches

Known Issues
Below is a list of known issues for this week:
  • Deactivating your Vaiken Spacedock or Carrick Station Penthouse will prevent you from being able to reactivate them. Please do not deactivate them if you intend to participate in testing and/or providing feedback on them
  • New characters who unlock Altuur will have the intended version of him which includes a fix preventing him from equipping head gear. Currently unlocked and active versions of Altuur will not demonstrate this, and as such there may be some clipping issues if you attempt to place a helmet on him (specifically while using his Customizations).
  • The functionality for Daily Priority Objective Refresh is unintentionally only resetting if the account is logged in during our daily reset time (6AM CST/12PM GMT).

Questions For the Week
Here are a new set of questions for this weeks PTS!
  • Are you able to quickly locate your Priority Objectives and efficiently track them?
  • Do you feel like you have agency to make decisions regarding your Priority Objectives (which aspects of the Objectives to complete, being able to complete them with friends)?
  • When tracking multiple types of objectives, is it clear which ones are your Priority Objectives versus those which arent?
  • Are the Priority Objectives clear as to what needs to be done to complete them?
  • Is it clear how Priority Objectives contribute to the progression of Galactic Seasons?
  • What feedback, if any, do you have regarding the new Refresh feature on Priority Objectives?
  • Any additional feedback you may have regarding this latest update to Galactic Seasons is welcome!

Thank you all again for helping us shape Galactic Seasons!
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