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Apex update

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 29.04.2021 01:10PM
Originally Posted by csilvajonas View Post
Anyone knows why they are going to update the Apex vanguard fight to make him angry if you do the kiting strategy? It's like punishing players for being creative, it's not an exploit as far as i can see, just because people are not doing the fight exactly how devs thought it should be done, they're gonna add a new enrage or soft enrage to a boss that already has at least 3 of them?
Hi csilvajonas,

That strategy was allowing players to bypass intended mechanics altogether, not allowing them to interact with parts of the encounter, and trivializing the fight in an unintended way. We look for ways to balance the game out and ensure that it is being experienced as it should.

I did see the other thread you had started, and I encourage you to consolidate conversations. I also do recommend keeping titles of threads related to the conversation you want to start as that helps forum users understand the context/content of said threads. You can message me either a direct question or provide a link to the original thread you created, and I'll do my best to provide an answer.

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