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When does Secrets of the Enclave take place?

Originally Posted by CharlesBoyd ( Original Post ) | 27.04.2021 02:43PM
Hey everyone! As youre all starting to dive into the next part of our storyline with Secrets of the Enclave, I thought Id provide an update around the in-game timeline of events.

In my last post on the topic, I included a few caveats and clarifying points about time in Star Wars and SWTOR, the main one being that the specific timing of events is almost never described with any degree of detail. This is purposeful, and Im still not looking to change that aspect of our storytelling (unless it directly serves a plot to do so at some point).

However, I also said that our general guideline for the SWTOR timeline is that events taking place in updates released in the same year IRL are generally meant to take place in the same year in-universe; in this case, were not following that guideline, so thats why I wanted to post about it.

When I last posted on the subject, I wrote that the events depicted in Update 6.2 (Echoes of Oblivion and Spirit of Vengeance) would be set a couple of weeks after Task at Hand, in the early part of 27 ATC/3626 BBY. Its clear that the events of Secrets of the Enclave are meant to follow Echoes of Oblivion pretty closely, too, so Im confirming that is the case: Secrets of the Enclave takes place in early 27 ATC/3626 BBY as well. In my head, its another two weeks or so, but I don't recall the dialogue mentioning it so it should be open to interpretation

Most likely, all of our story updates this calendar year will fall within that same in-game year, but well post an update later to confirm either way.

Enjoy your return to Dantooine!
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