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BioWare, you have to make it clear when items rotate out from Galactic Seasons vendor

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 19.05.2021 08:52AM
Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
It got better for a bit. But now its gotten worse than before. Im actually wondering if Jackie is still with the company because she hasnt been active for a bit.

Originally Posted by Damask_Rose View Post
She has posted twice this month. She isn't much of a liaison. A lot of her posts have become little more than curt reminders to individual posters about how or where they should post.
Wanted to chime in since there are some skewed perceptions and I would like to address them. I'm still here and still active though yes, I haven't been active in terms of publicly posting the last couple weeks. I want to be mindful of what I post here because I know players are wanting updates to the game and there are many watchful eyes on the dev tracker. I learned early on how much a gold post means to people who use the forums.

I still read the forums, gather feedback I see here, through my PMs, and other platforms, provide it to the team, moderate, review and process reports, and work on various projects that affect different pockets of the community outside of the forums. I understand that because I'm not posting 100% of the time up front and center in the forums, the perception is that I am just not active at all, but I am, and still have the same drive to cultivate the relationship between dev and player here as when I first started.

I want every post I make to have meaning behind it whether that be providing game updates, news, or moderating to keep this place healthy and also welcoming to people who are either new or lurking. It's a balance that I am always working to be mindful of when posting here.
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