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Galactic Seasons - Credit Catch Up

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 25.05.2021 10:33AM
Hi all!

The Credit Catch-Up system for Galactic Seasons will begin this Thursday, May 27th, so we wanted to take a moment and discuss what this Catch-Up brings with it, how it works, and give some insight into what it may cost.

What is the Credit Catch-Up system?
The Credit Catch-Up system is a way for players to unlock eligible Galactic Seasons Reward Levels with in-game credits to catch back up in their Galactic Seasons progress. It is designed to help players who may have fallen behind our anticipated Galactic Seasons progression cadence, or for those players who are just now joining the Season or may try the Season at a later time.

How does Credit Catch-Up work?
Once active, the Credit Catch-Up system progresses day over day, allowing Reward Levels up to that day to be unlocked with Credits. This means that starting Thursday the 27th at 12:00PM GMT, Reward Level 1 will be eligible for Credit Catch-Up. On Friday the 28th, up to Reward Level 2 will be eligible for Credit Catch-Up. On Saturday the 29th, up to Reward Level 3 will be eligible for Credit Catch-Up.

This will continue until the Catch-Up system reaches our current Max Catch-Up Level, which is Reward Level 95. Once it reaches that point, all Reward Levels up to Reward Level 95 will remain available for Credit Catch-Up throughout the remainder of the Season, allowing players who have fallen far behind or who come in near the tail end of the Season an opportunity to Catch-Up in their progression.

How do I know which Reward Levels are Catch-Up eligible?
Any Reward Level which is eligible for Catch-Up will show the Credit icon on them with the phrase Catch-Up. When a player clicks on that they will be presented with a purchase option of either Cartel Coins or Credits.

Will I be eligible to use this system?
This depends on where you are in the current progression of the Season, and where you may be later on in your progression of the Season. If you are above Reward Level 1 when Catch-Up begins on the 27th, you will not see any change. If you are new to Galactic Seasons starting on the 27th, you will see Reward Level 1 as an eligible Catch-Up

Players become eligible for Catch-Up if they are behind the day over day progression of the Catch-Up system. As an example, if a player joined the Season on Tuesday June 1st, they would be eligible to use the Catch-Up system to advance to Reward Level 6.

If you are a player who has been advancing throughout the Season naturally, chances are you may never encounter this system - and thats ok! This system is intended as a means for players who find themselves coming in late to the Season or falling behind in the progression a chance to catch back up. If you never encounter it, you can rest assured that you are making ample progress in the Season!

How much will the Catch-Up system cost?
The cost of each Reward Level unlock is similar to the Jump Ahead system we offer with Cartel Coins in that each Reward Level unlocked is a multiplier against a base cost. In the case of Credit Catch-Up, the base Credit cost is 175,000 Credits. However, unlike the Jump Ahead cost, this Credit cost of each additional Catch-Up grows at an exponential rate.

As an example, here is the cost associated with the first 10 Credit Catch-Up unlocks. Note that this cost is not strictly the first 10 Reward Levels; rather it is the cost for unlocking any 10 Reward Levels through Catch-Up, regardless of which Reward Levels those are.

Catch-Up #1 = 175,000
Catch-Up #2 = 494,974
Catch-Up #3 = 909,326
Catch-Up #4 = 1,400,000
Catch-Up #5 = 1,956,559
Catch-Up #6 = 2,571,964
Catch-Up #7 = 3,241,045
Catch-Up #8 = 3,959,798
Catch-Up #9 = 4,725,000
Catch-Up #10 = 5,533,986

We hope this helps give some clarification and context for the upcoming Catch-Up system! Keep an eye out for an additional post in the near future covering some general Galactic Seasons items! Thank you again for all of your continued feedback.
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