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Customer support ticket.

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 18.06.2021 09:55AM
Originally Posted by RaxxusPrimejunk View Post
hello. I filed an in-game support ticket and nothing has been done. approximately how long does it take for a response and action, if your claim of whatever is wrong with the game is a legit claim.

Hi RaxxusPrimejunk,

The response time could differ depending on what your claim is. The type of issue being reported and the volume of queries the team has received can impact the response time. Please also note that choosing the correct category (bug or customer service) can also impact response time. Bug reports should be reported using /bug in-game to ensure that the inquiry goes to the appropriate team.

We will be locking this thread because this topic can potentially lead to open discussion of personal accounts and/or details of said accounts and that is not permitted on the forums.
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