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BUG: Secrets of the Enclave unlocks QuickBar

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 23.06.2021 03:56AM
Originally Posted by denavin View Post
Every time I go into the Flashpoint "Secretes of the Enclave" it always UNLOCKS my QuickBar and will not allow me to re-lock it until I leave the Flashpoint.
This causes problems since I will wind up pulling Skills off of my QuickBar, usually when I am in combat effecting game play as it makes the Skills Unavailable until I either DIE or End Combat when I can find and replace the missing skills back in into the QuickBar.

Please Fix this problem.
Hi denavin,

Thanks for reporting the bug with the quickbar during Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint.

This bug is a known issue:
    • The quickbar is unlocked during the encounter with Graul.
As your thread is a duplicate of the following one: SotE: Graul Fight auto unlocks cast/action bars on UI, I am closing this one to avoid multiple threads regarding the same topic.
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