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#2 Galactic Seasons - S1 Check In

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 24.06.2021 09:45AM
Originally Posted by ceryxp View Post
Soooo, about that update. It has been three weeks to the day since we were told about 6.3.1. Many expected, or maybe just me, that it would come on 22 June, one week prior to Nightlife and double XP as it has been your MO of late to do patches one week prior to double XP events. But 22 June has come and gone with no update. It is certainly possible that the patch got pushed due to the fubar patch, but still we have heard nothing. Nightlife and double XP are scheduled to start on 29 June, so I am guessing that that is the absolute latest we will see 6.3.1. Unless, of course, Nightlife and double XP were put in in the last patch, 6.3a on 10 May, and it will be some time yet before we see 6.3.1.

As Trixxie noted in their post on 17 June, time is running out on the season. If 6.3.1 releases on 29 June there will be 13 weeks remaining in the season and that will allow for three full cycles of Jaleit's inventory before the end of the season. Will Jaleit remain available after the end of the season so people will have another opportunity to purchase something?

What is annoying is that other games can communicate this information. Is it so hard to say, "hey, our goal is to release the next patch on X date but it is still being worked on and that date is subject to change"?
Hi ceryxp,

We are targeting 6.3.1 for next week. When we finalize details, we will share them. I've been reading your and others' feedback on announcing when patches will be launched. There is a lot that goes into the messaging surrounding when a patch goes live, so we take more care in the timing of posting that info. However, I also want to say that we will be more mindful of giving a general timeline when possible.

Secondly, regarding the vendors for Galactic Seasons:

Jaleit Nall will always be available regardless of the season being active or not. Her inventory will continually cycle through the same rotation as noted in the David's post. Once Group D is done, the rotation will cycle back to Group A.

Ki'at Thavo will have Season 1 items until Season 2 starts, then his Season 1 items will be removed and replaced with Season 2 items.

David's post will be updated to reflect this info.
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