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#2 Game Update 6.3.1 - Known issues

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 29.06.2021 09:06AM
Here are the current known issues for GAME UPDATE 6.3.1:

Our team is currently looking into the bug regarding the Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives not progressing and not being tracked upon transitions. We'll post updates regarding this bug in this thread when we have more information.
  • Note: Priority Objectives should correctly progress if these are not tracked.

Note: Use Ctrl+F and keyword to check if the bug you encounter is a known issue.
    • General
      • If the Strange Holocommunicator from the Ornate Kubaz Box is destroyed, it is not possible to get a replacement from the Collections.
      • Tracking any Priority Objectives before being progressed makes it impossible for the Objective to be progressed and completed.
    • Priority Objectives
      • [Area 2+] Key to Decryption Mission is not counting towards the completion of the ‘Daily PO: Section X Daily Missions’.
      • It is possible to receive Wild Space Priority Objectives in other weeks.
      • The ‘Daily PO: Hutt Space Heroics’ only mentions Makeb in the progress part of the description despite Nar Shaddaa and Voss also being part of the planets where players can complete Heroics Missions on.
      • The ‘Daily PO: Outer Rim Heroics’ only mentions Belsavis in the progress part of the description despite Hoth and Tatooine also being part of the planets where players can complete Heroics Missions on.
      • The ‘Daily PO: Coreward Heroics’ only mentions Alderaan in the progress part of the description despite Balmorra and Corellia also being part of the planets where players can complete Heroics Missions on.

  • PVP
    • Phase Walk can be placed in spawn points in Warzones.
    • There are several issues in the Voidstar Warzone:
      • The round timer is ending before it runs out resulting in an early end of the match.
      • Defenders can be pulled back over the bridge after respawning on the other side.
    • Characters that use Phase Walk (Sith Sorcerer/Jedi Sage) are sent back to the cast position if Force Push (Sith Juggernaut/Jedi Guardian) reaches them in-between the cast and the teleport of Phase Walk.

    • Engaging in ranged combat with the Advozse Enforcer in the [Heroic 2+] Static Mission does not automatically trigger the next step of the Mission.
    • Subtitles are missing when discussing with Zenith in the second cinematic of the Relentless Ambitions Mission.
    • Zenith’s default items are missing their icons after being recruited as a Companion by a Jedi Consular after the Relentless Ambitions Mission.

    • Reopening the Conquest Window after Tracking a Conquest Objective results in the Objective being untracked in the Conquest Window.
    • Jekiah Ordo has two hairstyles, resulting in inconsistent appearances.

    • The quickbar is unlocked during the encounter with Graul. Thread
    • General
      • When interacting with the Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock Stronghold Directory, players will receive a "subscribe" message even if they are Subscribers.
      • Players with a full inventory will not be able to claim Cartel Coins Rewards Level.
      • The Legacy Unlock Button on the Collections window of the Kakkran Daggerstar mount is currently not working.
    • Weekly Priority Objectives
      • The Daily Priority Objective: “Daily PO: Rishi Daily Missions” is missing from the Outer Rim Event.
      • Daily PO: Rishi Daily Missions cannot be completed by completing Daily Missions on Rishi and refers to Section X in the mission description.
        • As mentioned in the 6.3.1 patch notes: The Priority Objective ‘Daily PO: Rishi Daily Missions’ has been removed from the list of potential Priority Objectives while we continue to investigate reports regarding bugs on this Priority Objective.
    • The camera shake persists during the last cinematic of Echoes of Oblivion. Thread
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