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How to access the Jedi Guardian on PTS

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 08.07.2021 09:33AM
Ready to dive into PTS? Here are the steps you need to follow in order to try out the Jedi Guardian.
  • Create a NEW Jedi Guardian. You will spawn in during the first scene of the Jedi Knight. You can safely escape out of this cutscene.
  • All PTS characters have been deleted in order to ensure 7.0 compatibility, so character transfer is off for this phase. Character copy (from live servers) will not be available until later phases of testing.
  • Your new Jedi Guardian will begin on Tython. Head towards the first taxi area and youll see a PTS Droid waiting to teleport you to the Republic Fleet. Do not take the taxi. Look to the right and you will see a droid named PTS Fleet Teleport (-547, -1254 coordinates)
  • This will take you to Tython and Ord Mantell Departures Area. Leave this area into the main level of the fleet.
  • Hook a right into the Combat Training area of the fleet into the northern most room where the Jedi Knight trainer is.
  • Once there, start by speaking to the [PTS] CD-3 Combat Specializer Droid (-4889, -4628). It will help guide you towards your Discipline selection. The droid will also boost you to level 75 and grant credits.
    • Choose your Discipline
    • Choose an ability path
    • KNOWN ISSUE: Sometimes the first time you do this it doesnt populate your bar entirely (but the abilities are still in the Abilities window). Either drag them manually or have the conversation again with the NPC and itll work properly subsequent times.
  • For this PTS phase, you will only be able to choose static builds we have chosen for you. Future phases will allow you to more freely choose various abilities and passives as you level.
  • Gear up using the nearby PTS vendors, then speak with the Onderon Dreams travel agent droid to head over to Onderon, if you want to test out some level 75 world content with your new build! The dailies terminal in Iziz will have a special quest on it that grants access to the daily missions, a free mount, and a companion.
  • Because you may not have a personal ship, theres a droid next to the Onderon dailies terminal that will teleport you back to the fleet.
  • Lastly, speak to the Onderon Dreams: Travel Agent Droid which will teleport you to Onderon.
  • Head out to the Onderon Mission Terminal (706, -281) to pick up various Daily and Weekly Missions to playtest the updated Jedi Guardian!
  • Reminder to summon a companion 😊
  • If you wish to test out a different Discipline, simply head back, speak to the [PTS] CD-3 Combat Specializer Droid, and reselect any available options.
Please let us know if you experience any issues.

What we would like you to test out:
  • Check out the new ability paths across all disciplines and variations. Remember that the full version will allow you to make your own choices, but in this phase were just testing out some specific layouts of abilities.
  • Head to Onderon and play some dailies to see how the new rotations feel!

At this time, we would love to read feedback from your experience that answers questions such as does this feel like a Jedi Guardian?. Your feedback will help us determine if we are on the correct path to achieving our goals of making the class feel less encumbered and customization more concise.

Please leave your feedback here

Thank you!

EDIT: Included more details steps on how to access PTS as well as coordinates for droids.
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