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#4 Jedi Sentinel Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 30.07.2021 10:06AM
Originally Posted by TevosisHot View Post
Instead they just unpinned the guardian feedback post in hopes it just disappears.
At this point I'm just waiting for the inevitable sorc outcry when their class gets the same treatment, at least that will be interesting to watch.
Maybe we will get a reenactment of the heal to full saga
Hi TevosisHot,

The Guardian specific posts were indeed unpinned, but the Guardian feedback thread was included in the main Sentinel post because I did not want players to lose track of the thread. This is in an effort to keep the pinned threads organized, consolidated, and not feel clunky or over cumbered. You can read the main Sentinel post here if you have not yet.
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