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#7 Cartel Coins

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 02.08.2021 01:34PM
Hi everyone,

A fix was deployed for this issue, but it is possible that it was not applied to some accounts. If your account was impacted during the July 27th window when this issue first occurred, and you are still experiencing issues, please answer the following questions and feel free to send me a PM to protect your privacy:
  • When did you make the purchase?
  • Was this on Steam or on the site?
  • Did you purchase a subscription or CCs?
  • If a subscription, is your account reflecting the proper status ie recurring sub, stopped, etc...?

Thanks, all.

Originally Posted by CrazyTough View Post
Notice these people only respond these days to cartel coin questions. Just confirming what I knew already. SWTOR exists for cartel coins only.
Originally Posted by Pietrastor View Post
I'm not since it's a Cartel Coins question
We do respond to other inquiries when possible. I encourage you to read the dev tracker. This instance did impact several players and because we wanted to keep reports as consolidated as possible, we wanted to communicate that we were aware of the issue and that we would be updating one thread to keep info in one place. This communication is true of various situations that impact players, not just purchases.
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