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#2 Master Loot Change with 6.3.2

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 27.08.2021 02:23PM
Hi all,

Wanted to answer some of the initial questions that came in when we made the first post about the Master Loot change.

Just to confirm, this only affects gear, everything else like decorations, mounts, pets, crafting materials and so on which can drop from content will still be decided via roll?

This will affect everything.

Does this mean that loot is completely distributed randomly and need to be traded thereafter? For example, the nightmare mounts (Wings of the Architect, etc.) will go directly to one player's inventory and need to be traded thereafter?

That is correct.

What happens in case the inventory of the player who is intended receive such loot is full?

Same as the current system. It will stay lootable and the player will have to clear their inventory to loot.

What about unique items such as Crest of the Dread Master?

We will be adjusting the Loot system to such that Unique items can only be given to members of the party that don't already have it. If all members of the party have the Unique item, it will not drop.

What about decorations which currently cannot be traded after someone receives it (Dxun decorations, one of the Izax decorations)?

We are investigating these decorations to ensure they have the 2 hour tradeable loot timer. This will not be in 6.3.2, but we are looking to adjust in a future patch.
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