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Sorcerer, Assassin, and Level 80 Game Scaling on PTS!

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 15.09.2021 10:12AM
Hello everyone!

Welcome to our fourth phase of PTS featuring the Sorcerer and Assassin Combat Styles and level 80 game scaling. In case you missed it, we go through a bit of the philosophy behind the updates were making to Combat Styles in this article. As with the previous Combat Styles that have been released through PTS, we are still focused on streamlining ability sets in order to enable more player choice and maintain the unique identity of the class. All the constructive feedback we have been receiving from players who have dived into PTS has been helpful in identifying what experiences are crucial to players.

Alongside the Sorcerer and Assassin Combat Styles available for testing, the following will also be available for players to test:
  • Character copy will be available but support is limited to the Combat Styles already implemented in PTS (Guardian, Sentinel, Sniper, Operative, Sorcerer, and Assassin)
  • Level 80 will be available but limited.
  • There will be new packages that will boost players to level 80
  • Game scaling is available only for planets, daily areas, story mode Flashpoints, and chapters.
  • Game scaling is NOT available for old operations (Ops outside of 7.0), or Veteran and Master modes in Flashpoints
  • There will be vendors available that have 328 gear. They are located on each Fleet in front of the Spoils of War Vendor. There are a lot of items on these vendors, so please use the filters for your Discipline to easily navigate through them. Please note that there is a known issue associated with the filter labels.

Please keep in mind the following reminders:
  • Set bonuses are not enabled during this phase of PTS. Gear will still grant you their stats, but the set bonuses will not work.
  • Note the WIP markers on the UI.

How to access the PTS server and test out the new Combat Styles
  • First, ensure you are on the PTS server by following the steps here.
  • Though character copy is available for all the currently available Combat Styles, note that all PTS characters have been deleted in order to ensure 7.0 compatibility.

Steps for players NOT using character copy:
  • Create a new Sorcerer or Assassin
  • Walk outside of the cantina and you will see the PTS Fleet Transport Droid
  • Speak to the droid, and select yes to travel to the Fleet.
  • Head up to the main Fleet level
  • Go to the Combat section and then to the Agent subsection (4803,4536)
  • Talk to the CD-3 Combat Specializer Droid
  • Press K to select your Discipline and go through selecting your abilities/passives from the Ability Tree. (Please note the WIP markers)
  • Talk to all of the vendors to gear your character
  • Talk to the Onderon Dreams: Travel Agent Droid to travel to Onderon
  • Head to the Onderon Mission Board (-725, -291). Special Note: Speeder Piloting Level 3 is granted through this terminal.
  • Because you may not have a ship, there a droid next to the Onderon Mission Board that will teleport you back to the Fleet
If you are using character copy, head straight to the fleet, select your Discipline and gear accordingly.

Your feedback on the new Combat Styles and game scaling will help us determine if we are on the correct path to achieving our goals of making the class feel less encumbered and customization more concise. Please note that all feedback threads that have been created up until now have been compiled into one post for convenience. The entire list (including Sorcerer and Assassin Combat Styles) can be found here.

Game scaling feedback can be left here.

Lastly, the known issues list and changelog has been updated. See the post here for more details.
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