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Community Cantinas

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 29.09.2021 01:33PM
Originally Posted by Kioth View Post
When will we see the return of Community Cantinas?

The last one I went to was the one at Comic-Con San Diego, for onslaught got the T-shirt and everything. Was fun! I also been to the one at EA HQ in San Fransico, Ca for Starfighter Launch.

I think the community overwhelmingly enjoys the cantinas and should continue. I would like to hear from Devs, especially Eric Musco about the future.

Thanks, Feel Free to discuss!
Hey Kioth,

Love the question! I can tell you that internally we also overwhelmingly enjoy the cantinas and we truly miss how long it has been since we have been able to see folks. Right now, to protect the safety of the team and any players who would attend, we are not comfortable hosting an event in person.

As soon as things are in a place where we are comfortable hosting events again, you can bet you will see the return of cantinas. When that day comes, I look forward to seeing you there!

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