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Belsavis World Boss Primal Destroyer is not Respawning for Feast of Prosperity Event

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 18.10.2021 03:35AM
Hi folks,

Thanks for reporting the bug with the respawn time of the World Boss Primal Destroyer during the Feast of Prosperity Event.

Our team is aware of this bug. As mentioned in this post: Darth Malgus - Belsavis World Boss not respawning, this issue seems to occur (at least in one case) when players kite the Primeval Destroyer's adds away from the boss area after the boss has been killed. You should follow this new workaround while we're looking into it:
  • Make sure the adds are dead before killing the World Boss. - Updated workaround
    • Note: If you see another group fighting the world boss, and you want a piece, help them and focus ads to ensure you get your own boss after.
I'll update you in this thread when I have more information.
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