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#2 Changes and New Features in 7.0

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 01.11.2021 02:19PM
Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment to pop in and help clarify some of the conversation we are seeing regarding 7.0 and perceived Conquest changes.

There is some conversation regarding us decreasing the values of Conquest Objectives across the board. While there are some Conquest Objectives which will see some small balance tweaks, they are confined to very specific Objective types (mostly relating to World Bosses and Star Fortresses) and are by no means wide-spread. The Conquest Points for Heroics, Daily Areas, Defeat Enemies 1 and 2, Operations, and nearly 90% of every other Conquest Objective is remaining exactly as you see it on the live server today.

To address some of the values we have seen called out specifically in this thread, here are the values which are currently on our development server and planned to release with 7.0:
  • Black Hole Weekly:
    • 4,300 (10,750 at full 150% SH Bonus)
  • Operation: Completion
    • 100,000 (250,000 at full 150% SH Bonus)
  • <Planet>: Heroic Missions
    • 2,000 (5,000 at full 150% SH Bonus)
  • <Planet>: Defeat Enemies
    • 1,650 (4,125 at full 150% SH Bonus)
  • <Planet>: Defeat Enemies 2
    • 3,350 (8,375 at full 150% SH Bonus)

Note that all values above are the same values you are seeing on the Live server now.

Please remember that the values you see in the Conquest window are reflective of the existing Stronghold bonus you possess on that server. If you are used to seeing a specific Conquest value on PTS which you do not see on Live, please double check your Stronghold Bonus as that could be causing confusion you wouldnt typically see once you hit the full bonus.

Hope that helps!
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