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#2 Itemization in 7.0

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 02.11.2021 02:40PM
Hey folks,

With the release of our Itemization in 7.0 article, we wanted to add some clarity around some of the details of that article in addition to providing some supplementary information.

In addition to the removal of the Renown system mentioned in the article, we are changing the Social and server-wide Dark vs. Light systems.

What will happen to Renown Achievements, Legacy Perks, and Boosts
  • Achievements will for the most part be moved to Feats of Strength, and have their point values removed (with the exception of Social achievements, as described below).
  • Legacy Perks related to these systems will be removed starting in 7.0.
    • Starting today, Renown and Social Legacy Perks will have their Cartel Coin price reduced to 1
  • Renown Boosts will be removed from the Cartel Market next Monday, November 8th. Until then, they will be discounted by 90%
    • Upon 7.0 launch, existing boost items for these systems (Renown and Social) will no longer work, and will be able to be sold to vendors for a small number of credits

What will happen to the Social rewards?
  • We are converting the system from awarding points based on conversation choices to instead reward grouping for activities. Details of the changes are:
    • Achievements have been reworked to now require Group Finder activities rather than Social Levels.
    • The character titles which previously came with the achievements are now exclusive to those who already completed the Achievement. For 7.0 and forward, the updated Achievements will grant Legacy Titles of the same titles (rather than Character ones).
    • These Achievements will gate the visibility and purchase of the items on Social vendors. As players progress through the achievements, more items will become available.
    • The two fleet social vendors will be moved to the Cantina area on both fleets and have all Social items previously available.
    • The old vendors around the galaxy will still be available, but they will only have inventory based on the player's achievement progress.

What will happen to the Dark vs Light system?
  • First, let’s clarify exactly what we’re talking about with the Dark vs. Light system. The individual character alignment system, where morality choices made throughout the story in conversations or via the Diplomacy crew skill in order to move a character’s alignment between Dark and Light sides of the Force, will remain unchanged.
  • The server-wide Dark vs Light meter which would pop up every so often to reflect the balance in the galaxy will be removed.
  • The small alignment widget in the UI will be removed
  • The alignment choice every time group finder pops will be removed
  • The DvL bosses that spawned in the world when one side was victorious will be removed temporarily. We plan on re-introducing them in a future update.
  • The DvL rewards vendors will remain in place on both Fleets
  • To compensate for the loss of constant alignment gain, character alignment levels and thresholds will revert to pre-Dark vs. Light system totals

We'll be keeping an eye on this thread to answer questions that may have not been answered in the post.


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