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Elom Flashpoint: Veteran Mode now available on PTS

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 10.11.2021 03:15PM
Hello everyone,

Veteran Mode for the Elom Flashpoint is now available on PTS!
  • The Elom Flashpoint can be accessed by the terminal on Odessen.
    • Travel to Odessen.
    • Proceed to the Eastern side of the map to the Elevator present there. (-81, 236)
    • Use the Elevator button and travel to Alliance Operations.
    • Once in Alliance Operations, go to the location in the south-eastern part of the map. (-99,257)
    • Pick up the quest for Ruins of Nul to go to the Elom Flashpoint.
Alongside this mode of the Flashpoint being available, we request that players test the leveling experience beginning with level 1.
  • Please create a level 1 character on live and copy it over to the PTS server.
  • Though character copy is available, note that all PTS characters have been deleted in order to ensure 7.0 compatibility.

PLEASE NOTE that character creation is not fully functional and is not available for testing. Do not use character create.

As always, please read over the status update/known issues list and the changelog before hopping into PTS.

Below is an Itemization breakdown for PTS:

For steps on how to access the PTS server, follow the steps here.

Please note that all feedback threads that have been created up until now have been compiled into one post for convenience. The entire list which includes todays update can be found here. here.
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