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Is there ever going to be a response from Bioware?

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 29.11.2021 10:36AM
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthCasus View Post
As to why blocked people can spam emotes and bypass being ignored? Like, this is fundamental to the entire idea of blocking someone and after all of these years, not a peep on why it works the way that it does? Is it a bug? Are we to be subjected to the repeated trolling and endless flood of spam from the same individuals until they peter themselves out? The spam reports don't seem to do anything despite it coming from a few people in rapid succession and who knows how many more as this specific individual keeps doing it right where people spawn in to fleet.

Jackie, could you please pass this on to the dev team? I know this is a random thing, but I'd happily accept a response or acknowledgement on this. Hell, pass it to Charles Boyd, I'd take a lore reason like the troll being a part of my mind due to touching a Dread Master relic or something. If Boyd takes it, I'd like some flair to it though.

Hi DarthCasus,

I've passed this along to the team. Should they need additional details or info about your experience, I'll reach back out via PM. Thanks!
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