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Levelling gear in 7.0

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 30.11.2021 02:32PM
Originally Posted by Craig_Mitchell View Post
I've heard rumors that the current levelling gear (Apprentice/Accurate/Cunning, Requisitioned, Tarnished, Aftermarket, Carbon-Scored, Decorated, Battle-Scarred, Toxic, Thermal, Unleashed, Visionary, Corellian, Crystalline, Fractured, Yavin) will be scrapped/made unobtainable with 7.0

Does anyone know if there's any truth to this? Some of these sets have rather unique skins or colors that are nigh (or completely) unobtainable otherwise.
Hi Craig_Mitchell,

I'm confirming that what you've listed will not be available. However, most, if not all of their appearances are going to be re-used for the new gear coming in 7.0. If there happens to be some that are not available, we would like to bring those back in the future.

With the creation of Combat Styles, changes needed to be made to the gear rewarded during your Class Story to ensure players would always receive a useable item that matched the proper appearance. To solve this we've created a new set of leveling gear that uses an appearance based on your Origin Story. So if you are a Smuggler playing with a Sniper Combat Style, you will receive gear that fits Smuggler visuals. Gear appearances are unique per Origin Story and per Planet you visit. This new gear will be Bind on Pickup.

As a note, a future goal we would like to achieve is to add cosmetic versions of all Origin Story visuals to planetary vendors as Bind to Legacy items so players can have more freedom to customize themselves or their companions.
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