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Plz Don't Assume My Combat Style...

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 02.12.2021 04:03PM
Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
Hi all,

For transparency and context for those who are reading the dev tracker only, the choosing your Combat Style for existing characters text being referenced in this thread is from the Separating Story and Gameplay article that was published a while go.

There's been an update to this. We originally planned to allow players to switch their primary combat style with existing characters upon loading up 7.0, unfortunately we discovered some technical hurdles that will prevent us from supporting that. So upon login, existing characters will maintain their existing Advanced Class, which will be converted into their first Combat Style. And eligible players will still be free to choose their second Combat Style.

The original article has been updated to reflect this.
To clear up some confusion we're reading, Force users will be able to change their first Combat Style to its mirror if they meet the Light or Dark-side alignment requirements to do so. That has not changed.
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