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Galactic Seasons 2 and Activity Finder on PTS!

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 15.12.2021 01:17PM
Hello everyone!

The Public Test Server is now open again. This phase of PTS will remain open throughout the holiday season.

What’s new in this iteration of PTS:
  • Character copy is back!
  • Galactic Seasons 2 is now available
  • Activity Finder and Flashpoint/Operation availability has been added
  • Weekly Featured Content Missions are now available
  • You can find these on Mission Terminals in the Fleets and in Groupfinder
  • Loot Discipline preferences have been re-enabled and can be chosen by right clicking your character portrait
  • Achievements are no longer transferred during a PTS Character Copy
  • Adjustments have been made to the balance of both Story Mode Operations and Veteran Mode Operations

Now let’s talk about why achievements are not currently transferring via Character Copy. PTS Rewards are back! Players can earn rewards by doing the following:
  • Logging into PTS
  • Completing a Class Story on any Class
  • Complete all expansion Story content
  • Reaching item rating 322 with one of your characters and complete the PvP, Heroic, and Flashpoint Weekly Missions
  • Completing all of the above

We will be posting details on the rewards and titles later this week.

What new types of feedback are we looking for?

We would like a key focus to be the player experience with playstyles that were not possible pre-7.0. Please give us feedback on your experience with various Combat Style combinations including using weapons that you could not equip previously.

Please also note that with Galactic Seasons 2, we are looking for general feedback on the system that could help refine future seasons. Though Galactic Seasons 2 is available on PTS, we are focusing on polishing the system rather than revamping anything currently in place. Of course, if there is anything impeding progress or system breaking, that will be addressed and fixed, so please let us know if you run into anything of that nature.

Now that the main gearing acquisition and upgrade flows are on PTS, we would like feedback how this feels, and how the pace to acquire gear feels. In addition, we would like new feedback on game scaling and how balance feels relative to the gear being worn in all content: Heroics, Operations, Flashpoints, etc.

To get started on the PTS, follow the steps listed here and let us know if you experience any issues.

Additionally, please review the known issues and status updates post before hopping back into PTS.

For a complete list of all the feedback threads, click here. If you are providing feedback about any of these topics, please use the designated threads so feedback is consolidated. It helps us make sure we gather everything together.

Thank you!
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