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#4 Galactic Seasons 2 and Activity Finder on PTS!

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 20.12.2021 12:21PM
Hi everyone,

Answering a few questions regarding the rewards and titles.
  • Log in once into PTS to obtain that reward
  • Only one character is needed to obtain the Acts achievement. You do not have to play both factions.
  • Using character copy of characters that have not completed Act 1 yet is fine.
  • Using the Master Datacron would also work
  • Completing the final missions of the expansion story content is what will earn you the expansions achievements as listed.
  • Regarding the weeklies, completing any of each of the PvP, Heroic, and Flashpoint Weekly Missions will suffice. You don't have to worry about ranked vs unranked, mode, or playing with both factions.
  • The PTS server will remain up until early January

Please remember that with the fundamental changes coming with Legacy of the Sith, a large focus of ours is the player experience with scaling and gearing from beginning to end and with various parts of the game.

We understand that this is a tall order but we are also balancing the effort and respect of those who originally obtained these titles in the past.
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