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#4 Changes and New Features in 7.0

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 25.01.2022 03:07PM
Hey folks,

Quick update on one of the features slated to launch with Legacy of the Sith; Weapons being added to Outfitter. Unfortunately, this feature will not be shipping alongside the expansion and instead will be coming in Game Update 7.1.

We have made this decision due to the feature not being ready for PTS testing this week; it is important to us that we get your thoughts on it before it goes in-game, especially since we know how excited everyone is to see it come to life in SWTOR (as are we!). You shouldnt have to wait too long before seeing it though! Our goal is to get 7.1s PTS started in February; we're currently targeting the week before, or the week after 7.0s launch.

Thank you for your patience. We know you are just as eager as we are to enjoy this added level of character customization!

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