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#3 Changes to Gearing in 7.0 from PTS Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 01.02.2022 03:20PM
Originally Posted by Pandoras_Jar View Post
Hello Bryant & Jackie,

I'm continuing to refine and update my 7.0 Gearing Guide so that it's ready/up-to-date for launch (or as close as ready as possible) and I have a couple of questions...
Hey Xam,

Answering your questions in order -


- Is the tertiary stat distribution remaining the same for PvP gear (or how it was on the PTS) or is it changing to line up with the PvE gear changes?
PvP gear will be changing to line up with the stat distribution changes listed.

There are currently not many sources of Requisition Caches (these crates guarantee a gear upgrade FYI for players not familiar with 7.0 PTS) and these sources heavily favour PvE (at least on the PTS we saw). Are there plans to add Requisition Caches at the very least to the GSF and Ranked PvP Weeklies? (Requisition Caches on the PTS we saw could only be found on Priority SM Operation Weeklies, Vet & MM Flashpoint Weeklies and the Unranked PvP Weekly).
Those are the intended sources of the Requisition Caches. We kept in mind the amount of Requisition Caches available when determining prices for PvP gear.

Upgrading Set Bonus Implants (on the PTS we experienced) was a very strange and finicky process... Can we get confirmation that it was bugged (at least hopefully it was bugged) and perhaps some clarification on exactly how it is intended we upgrade our Set Bonus Implants? Is it supposed to be how we upgrade other gear pieces? ie. just currency and gear piece turn in to upgrade?
This is hard to answer without more detail about what was strange and finicky. However, there definitely were bugs with upgrading Set Bonus Implants that have been fixed since the last PTS. Upgrading your Implants should work like upgrading other pieces of gear, requiring currencies and a previous Implant to turn in.

Are we going to get Warzone Crates for completing PvP (& GSF) matches? And if so, are they going to have a chance of dropping Thyrsian (PvP) gear? On the PTS, we were getting crates from completing matches but the premium crates just dropped tech fragments...
In addition to Warzone Crates containing Tech Fragments, PvP Players will receive Thyrsian Production Accelerants from completing matches. Wins will reward slightly more tokens than losses.

As a general note, we intend on keeping an eye on feedback that comes in post launch. This does include feedback surrounding how players gear their alts.
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