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#4 Changes to Gearing in 7.0 from PTS Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 02.02.2022 12:24PM
Originally Posted by Elssha View Post

Hi Jackie!

On PTS, in order to buy a 328 Legendary Implant we needed to buy TWO 326 of the SAME implant, have one equipped, and ONLY THEN would we get a choice to upgrade to a 328. I didn't bother trying, but I think a friend said the same was true about upgrading to 330 (so 2x 326 -> 328; 2x 328 -> 330, meaning you'd basically need to buy 4 326 to get 2 328 that would THEN allow you to get a single 330)...for each implant bonus you may need.
Hi Elssha,

That was definitely not intended. Clarifying that players will be required to only have one (1) copy of the Implant, in their inventory or equipment, in order to upgrade.
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