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#4 Launcher is not working since update around noon today

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 11.02.2022 04:20PM
Originally Posted by Mckor View Post
It's not the game that is crashing, it's the LAUNCHER. Can't even get to the game, let alone the PTS (which I don't even have installed.) The launcher updated, crashed, and stopped working completely.

Why are you asking about the test server when we can't even access the regular game?
Hi Mckor,

I am aware of what the current issue is. We are troubleshooting various user cases and I am requesting information from players who were fine before the update and whether or not they were able to play on PTS when it was live. I am not asking if people can connect to PTS now. I am asking about a past experience to help the team gather data to find a solution to a live issue. Please only post if you have relevant information to report in this thread. I would like to keep this thread as clean as possible so we can track all the reports coming in and we can pull necessary info quickly and efficiently.

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