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Do we get to keep our stuff? And question re crafting

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 17.06.2015 02:18PM
Originally Posted by Minigal View Post
As a frequent cartel market user and owner of 4 Strongholds, would just like confirmation that we get to keep all our gear, outfits, credits, pets, vehicles, decorations and strongholds and other stuff after the expansion hits.

Also, I am big into crafting --its how I've made my SWTOR fortune. Will crafting remain the same after the expansion? I am confused about it due to the information on having to "find" old companions and gaining new ones.

Thanks! I'm mostly excited about the expansion, but I'm pretty attached to my characters, companions, their stuff and the in-game economy.
Yup, you absolutely get to keep your stuff! How Crafting will work is something we will talk about more down the line. Thanks.

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