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Let's Play Some Warzones - Prizes

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 19.06.2015 03:25PM
Hey folks,

First off, we want to extend our thanks to all of you for your participation and feedback for Warzones/Class changes on PTS. As mentioned in the other thread, we would be giving out rewards for participation...and more! Well, I am here to spill the details.

To anyone who played more than 10 Warzones, between Thursday and Saturday, we will be granting you 450 Cartel Coins. This grant will be happening on Tuesday, during maintenance. Separately, we wanted to give an extra little something to those of you who went above and beyond in your testing. So, here are a few special callouts... (the names listed are character names on PTS)
  • Snave - Most matches played (45)
  • Mystery - Second most matches played (42)
  • An'dru - Most matches played during the "fight devs" time
  • Bubble'u - Most damage done in a match (3,783,327)
  • Supercamel - Most healing done in a match (3,744,232)
  • Sayil - Highest protection in a match (1,517,025)
  • Barbarianna - Most kills in a match (97)
  • Healek - Most objective points in a match (23,500)
Each of you will be receiving an additional 450 coins! Again, thank you all for your participation and feedback.

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