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Daily and Weekly rewards nerf

Originally Posted by AlexModny ( Original Post ) | 23.07.2015 08:07AM
Hey all, the direct answer to this concern is that we want to change the behavior of why players play Ranked. We want to get away from the idea that Ranked is a path to quicker/better stats/gear and rather it is solely about competition between characters that are at the end of their PvP progression. That is why we removed Ranked Comms, changed the Dark Reaver gear to cost Warzone Comms and changed the Daily and Weekly quests to grant Warzone Comms. We understand that players were using these Ranked quests to gear up (that is what they were intended for) and that changing them takes out that Comm income. However, we feel that with the very large price reduction of the PvP gear and removing the need of the 1:1 ratio conversion of Ranked to Warzone Comms the path to gearing up in PvP is in a much better place. Please provide feedback on this change but I want to make it clear that there is no hidden agenda from us on these changes. Thank you.
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