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Dev post about forthcoming article has been deleted...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 18.08.2015 11:35AM
Originally Posted by MuratReis View Post
This dev post was deleted from Aug 13th:

Seems they don't want to commit to anything. It's almost like there is no expansion at all!!
Some others in the thread have guessed correctly. The thread where I made that post got out of control. Lot's of people doing things and making posts which were against the rules so we opted to have the thread removed.

I know there is frustration right now about the amount of information you have. We are actively working on gathering details around a lot of the questions you have and will start releasing them very soon. I will have specifics in the next few days, but you will start getting more details about some of the nitty gritty things with our live stream next week and beyond.

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