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#2 Makeb [Staged] Weekly Being Removed in 4.0

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 26.08.2015 02:21PM
Hey folks,

We wanted to pass on a heads up about some Achievements which will be coming out of the game with Game Update 4.0.

Category: Citizens of Makeb
  • Mass Exodus
  • Hero of the Citizens of Makeb
  • Making the Connection

Category: Makeb Imperial Forces
  • Contain and Control
  • Hero of the Makeb Imperial Forces
  • Well Connected
All players who complete Making the Connection and/or Well Connected achievements before they are removed will be receiving a Makeb Gazebo decoration in the mail around the time Game Update 4.0 launches. If you dont have those achievements but you are looking to get them before they are retired, now is the time! Well see you all on Makeb.

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