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ReShade Tutorial 1.0 : How to Install

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 25.08.2015 08:54AM
Hey folks,

I am closing this thread and have removed the copy from the original post. I want to reiterate, any 3rd party software used in conjunction with SWTOR is against our Rules of Conduct.

I realize this thread is likely due to this quote from a PM sent to a user:
While ReShade isn't raising any particular flags with our Security team, third party software that modifies the game is always against the Rules of Conduct. Take that as you will.
I want to reiterate, this wasn't permission to use ReShade. Look, we know some people may try to use software like it and Unleashed, but they are against our Rules of Conduct and so we won't allow posts like this on the official forums.



Edit - it is Rules of Conduct and not Terms of Service
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