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#8 August Livestream Wrap-up

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 28.08.2015 01:27PM
Originally Posted by Kurin View Post
Eric, players should not know anything about this new stat "Influence" for which you speak...unless they were doing some data mining. Can you please elaborate? What is it? How do you raise it?
Hey Kurin,

Some keen eyed viewers noticed this as a part of our Livestream last night, that is why I made the switch in reference from affection. Also as a reminder, let's all be careful on the forums when referencing datamined content.

Influence in simple terms, is affection under a different name. There were some system reasons why we made the name change but ultimately it functions in largely the same way. We will likely talk more about Influence when we talk about your Character's Alliance.

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