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TORCommunity Character Builder and Giveaway

Today we are officially launching our character profile builder. The character builder is flexible and has several features for helping players at any level.
  1. For those leveling, suggested content will help guide you by giving you suggestions about planets, flashpoints, and bonus series missions that are available at your level range.
  2. Item rating for gear can be entered and will be displayed as an average.
  3. For those above level 50, and have an item rating higher than 126, suggested operations will be given to you based on your average item rating.
  4. Other portions of the builder include completed operations, crew skill information and character information.
There are additional features planned for the character builder, including integration between ToRParse and the profiles coming soon.

To celebrate the launching of our character builder we are giving away a 2400 Cartel Coin code. The contest will end on January 9th, and a winner will be selected at random from those that qualify on January 10th. The winner will be contacted via private message on the forums. To qualify for the code, follow the steps below.
  1. To create a profile you will need to be logged into ToRCommunity.
  2. Mouse over Tools, go down to Character Profiles and select "Add/Edit Characters". This will allow you to add and edit your own profles
  3. Very important, create a character profile.
  4. Go to "View All Characters" and locate any of your profiles.
  5. Once you have created a profile, create a post on our announcement posting on our forums with a link to any of your profiles. Only create one posting. You may include all of your profiles in the one post. Any additional postings will be deleted.
ToRCommunity Administrators and Moderators are not eligible for this giveaway.
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