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2/28/2015 Jedi Covenant Guild Summit Meeting Summary

On February 28th, 2015, over 20 guilds from the Jedi Covenant US-East PvE server met to brainstorm a list of game improvement suggestions for Bioware, in addition to having a meet and greet and diplomatic summit for GMs and their chosen officers. This is a summary of the ideas we came up with during the first meeting.

Summary of Suggested Improvements, 2/28/2015 JC Summit

  • Add the ability to Right Click > Invite to Guild in the chat and other player list windows.
  • Add the option to expand the guild management interface to show more columns simultaneously.
  • Add scalability/resize options for the guild interface windows.
  • Add a basic guild calendar / event scheduler so members can see schedules for OPs and guild events.
  • Increase the guild member cap. Other MMOs have a 1,000 guild member limit, while SWTOR is still at 500 even though they've gone through 3 years of expansions. Increase it or allow more alts to be in the guild.
  • Add the ability to declare ally/enemy status with other guilds from either faction.
  • Add the ability to create custom guild chat channels for multiple guilds (useful for alliances).
  • Add a column to guild management that automatically lists all other alts/additional characters a guild member has that are also in the guild. Optionally can just list their account name as a new column option.
  • Allow more missions to simultaneously be active, but not tracked (e.g. track a max of 25 missions, but allow a character to be on more than 25 at once).
  • Increase the character limit for the guild message of the day and increase the size/add a popout button so a user can re-open the message of the day or see the guild description in a space larger than 2 lines at once.
  • Improve the guild deposit/withdraw log so it distinguishes between deposit/withdraw actions, shuttle usage, or repair cost usage in the log.
  • Add a new option, "can use guild funds for shuttle usage" instead of tying that option to "can withdraw from guild bank." We sometimes want people to be able to repair AND summon, but NOT withdraw directly from the guild bank.
  • Add an option to set "Guild Reminders" where a message will be sent out to chat set by officers/GMs reminding the guild about something upcoming at a set date/time (similar to a system alert when the servers are going offline).
  • Add the ability to Right Click a user in chat and Report Spam + Ignore, all in one click.
  • Add a category for "Report Credit-Selling" instead of just the generic "Report Spam."
  • Fix the bug where names are greyed out in friends/guild lists even when the "show offline members" isn't checked.
  • Automatically sort friends lists so that online friends are at the top of the list and not scattered throughout greyed-out names.
  • Add the option for a limited-usage guild newsletter system, either through in-game mail or external email.
  • Fix custom chat channels so that if a channel owner hasn't logged in in months, the channel is released and can be claimed by someone else. Also fix it so channel passwords actually work...

Attendance List (Alphabetical)

  • Alison - Officer, Holocron
  • Alvy - GM, Galactic Forces
  • Automaton - GM, Holocron
  • Babacheck - GM, Republic Champion
  • Bay - GM, Force Majeure
  • Bremen - GM, Sundrider Knights
  • Cates - GM, LD-Fifty
  • Chemayla - GM, Hail Skroob
  • Cihe - Officer, Hellbent
  • Foofie - GM, Force Disciples
  • Gorgon - Officer, Oblivion
  • Hayete - Officer, Force Disciples
  • Hayward - Co-GM, Working as Intended
  • Hellhound - GM, Dark Holiday
  • Hypur - Assistant GM, Hail Skroob
  • Incendium - Officer, Oblivion
  • Infyrno - GM, Oblivion
  • Iydia - Officer, The Sanctuary
  • JB - Officer, Working as Intended
  • Jem - GM, Sunrider Knights
  • Kalvarius - GM, Rancor Bait
  • Kel - Officer, Sunrider Knights
  • Kyrand - GM, Torva Nex
  • Kilinus - GM, Wrteched Hive
  • Mozart - Officer, Hellbent
  • Murda - GM, Republic Gentlemen
  • Narux - Officer, ?
  • Oak - Officer, Torva Nex
  • Ohnoto - GM, Among Shadows
  • Peace - Officer, Force Majeure
  • Raider - Co-GM, Working as Intended
  • Shilo - Officer, Force Majeure
  • Sophisticat - GM, The Sanctuary
  • Synthetic - GM, Hellbent
  • Walker - Officer, Rancor Bait
  • Wyldfyr - Officer, Torva Nex
  • Xeen - Officer, Torva Nex
  • Zefrum - Officer, Force Majeure

The Future

Our next Jedi Covenant guild summit is scheduled for March 28th (we will meet the last Saturday of every month). If you're a GM from Jedi Covenant and want to attend, please email with the name of your guild, your faction, the number of unique accounts (not including alts) that you represent, and the URL of your guild's website (if you use one). You will receive an email detailing how you can access our special Jedi Covenant Senate forums.

If you'd like to hold a similar guild summit for your server, we'd love to help! Send us an email at and we'll work with you to set it up.

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