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Companion Healer Buffs coming in Tuesday patch

A look at the companion changes in an upcoming patch (probably 4.0.2a), that will most likely be released on Tuesday.

Bioware put a patch on the CDN early Saturday morning that focuses almost entirely on buffing healing companions. Please note that they may have changed values on the servers for companion stats that may further increase or decrease healing. No changes to DPS or tank companions in this patch unless they changed the values on the server.

So they changed 3 healing abilities on each companion, so all of them except the CC and bubble ability. The buffs aren't quite at the original 4.0 values but they are roughly a 70% - 75% increase over the current values.

Lana Beniko's New Healing Numbers

This assumes a Force bonus healing value of 2696.5, which has been provided to me by Q and gu3nnl from Twitter as being the Influence level 50 value with max presence. This is subject to change!

  • Enlivening Force - old value: 4,344.96, new value: 10,754.54
  • Soothe - old value: 3,567.9 - 5031.5, new value: 6,993.185 - 7,724.985
  • Mending - old value: 6,336.4, new value: 11,116.62
  • All other abilities unaffected. All other companions have the same values for corresponding abilities, only unique companion is Treek.

In-depth changes.

If anyone wants to calculate Treek's numbers, verify mine or look at another companion you can use the numbers from the ability file. Please note that the level 65 standard health value for companions is different from players, it is 36590. Companion tooltips can be calculated like this: (effParam_HealingPowerCoefficient * 2696.5 (bonus healing) + effParam_StandardHealthPercentMin (or max) * 36590 (Companion standard health value)) * number of ticks, e.g. (0.59 * 2696.5 + 0.03 * 36590) * 4 for Enlivening Force

Changed Abilities
GOM Changes
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