4.3 PTS 3 Mined

A look at the changes in 4.3 PTS 3. Please note that this is not a compete list of all changes in the patch.

No new cartel images today, mostly just changes to the warzone.

Rishi Arena Loading Screen:

Things of Note

  • Looks like they might have implemented the new server selection screen they talked about in the stream.
  • Rishi arena now has its proper loading screen.
  • People casting Battle Mods should now have a new effect around them while attempting to cast the mod.
  • Looks like they might have increased the size of capture points by 25%
  • You should now get objective points for capturing control points and using Battle Mods. Potentially added attacker / defender objective points to but not 100% sure.
  • Potentially increased how fast the speed up Battle Mod causes a node to tick down by an additional 40%. I'm not 100% sure on this point though so take it with a grain of salt.

In-depth Changes

Changed Abilities
GOM Changes
Changed String Tables

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