HK Bonus Chapter Premise

A look at the basic premise of the HK bonus chapter for as described by Bioware in the latest PTS build (4.4 PTS 2 build 2). This article will contain heavy spoilers.

What we know so far

  • The main story will contain 9 cutscenes.
  • It is based around The Shroud from the bonus quest line from Makeb.
  • The appearance of The Shroud looks unchanged from ROTHC.
  • Internally Bioware have labelled it as Season 2 Episode 0.

The Premise:

HK-55 sacrificed himself heroically with explicit instructions to not be revived. To his dismay, he was revived. Now he finds himself awake in a strange place, and the secrets of his mysterious resurrection might finally come to light...

HK-55 finds himself in a mysterious base at the mercy of someone called The Shroud and now he must find a way to escape and signal the Alliance.

Characters Involved

Any new characters here are lacking their final appearance in the client so I can't show what they look like.

  • OG-HK-55
  • HK-55
  • Z0-0M
  • The Shroud
  • Lana Beniko
  • Theron Shan
  • X-TR0
  • Shroud Security Guard
  • Shroud Security Captain
  • Shroud Security Droid
  • Sabotage Computer
  • Exarch Malforia
  • Coil Base Computer
  • HK-47 Head
  • 2V-R8 Head
  • Hylo Visz
  • Jollo
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