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Game Update 5.0 PTS 7, 8, & 9 Mined

A look at the changes in Game Updates 5.0 PTS 7, 8, & 9. Please note that this is not a compete list of all changes in the patch, is subject to change at any time (info is from PTS files), and is my own personal interpretation of the data. This post was generated by the joint efforts of SwtorHamster and Jedipedia.

Warning: This post contains HEAVY spoilers. You have been warned.

Table of Contents

New Cartel Market Items and Decorations

Things of Note


  • There may be a weekly cap on Command Points, but we don't know how much. From the livestream, Bioware said it would be incredibly high (not attainable by the average player) and is only a preventative cap to stop bots.
  • Codex entries for KotET have been added; there are major spoilers inside!
  • SPOILER: In chapter 9, you can play as Valkorion.
  • Several minor class changes; mostly icon changes.
  • New Vaylin Holo and new Weapon Tunings items.
  • Increased max Command Rank from 100 to 300.
  • Renaming of older difficulty levels to Story, Veteran, or Master.
  • New Images:
    • Loading screen for Hoth and Imperial Station uprising
    • Command Rank icons in players' nameplates and portraits (we mentioned them in the #6 notes, now you can see how they look like)
    • New Cartel Market blasters and pets, and the walker mount from the subscriber reward
5.0 PTS #7 new images

Endgame Gear

It looks like three tiers will drop from Command Crates, this gear is moddable and BoP. Set bonuses are still missing on many items - this is a bug.

Crafted Gear

You will be able to craft non-moddable versions of the gear you get from Galactic Command. We believe that the legacy-bound schematics for these drop from Command Crates.

In addition, armorings, mods, and enhancements are craftable. You get legacy-bound schematics for 230 items from Command Crates; the schematics for 232/236 items may come from reverse-engineering.

New augments:

Required materials:

There is a Void Matter Catalyst that's supposed to come from Operations but it's not used in any crafting schematics; therefore we assume it has been removed and won't drop.

In-Depth Changes

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