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PTS 3.1.2 Update 1 Preview

An overview of some of the changes planned in 3.1.2 PTS Update 1. Including new Cartel Market images and more!

Everything you see here is subject to change.

New Cartel Market Images

New Soundtracks

I expect these new soundtracks will be used in conversations for Ziost. Some of them are duplicates of existing soundtracks or existing soundtracks with a slight modification.

String Changes
GOM Changes
File Changes
Class, Codex and Conversation changes

In addition to the official PTS patch notes a few extra class changes slipped in, according to Tait these are coming in 3.1.1.

Powertech - Pyrotech

  • Flame Barrage no longer procced by Rail Shot.
  • Firebug, in addition to its previous effects now buffs Scorch's critical bonus damage by 30%

Vanguard - Plasmatech

  • Plasma Barrage no longer procced by High Impact Bolt
  • Plasmatic Assault, in addition to its previous effects now buffs Plasmatize's critical bonus damage by 30%

Sith Inquisitor / Jedi Consular

  • Force Slow no longer life steals, and thus no longer heals you.

Things of Note

  • Bioware look to be teaming up with Raptr, and if you join SWTOR through Raptr you will get a D4-V3 Pirate Astromech Droid Mini-Pet
  • Every cantina tour in 2015 will have a unique Cantina Crate, these packs include a unique mount for each Cantina and annother random item. The string suggests that they may give out multiple codes to cantina attendees but it's open to interpretation.
  • SWTOR players that signed up for the alpha of Bioware Austin's now late Shadowrealms game will receive an N4-SW Battle Droid Mini-Pet.
  • The next Cartel Pack series will be called "Explorers" That consists of "Deep Core Explorer's", "Core Worlds Explorer", "Mid Rim Explorer", "Outer Rim Explorer" and "Wild Space Explorer"
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