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3.2 PTS 2 Mined

An overview of some of the changes in 3.2 PTS Update 2. Including new Cartel Market images and more!

Everything you see here is subject to change. You can find the official patch notes here.

New Cartel Market Images

Things of Note

  • 3.1.2 is now merged into 3.2.
  • "Strong" NPCs should now do considerably less damage
  • Outfit designer costs increased
  • Looks like they might be working on returning 12x exp as a cartel market or sub perk. It also has an inhibitor item to remove it.
  • A couple of types Experience inhibitors added. "Class Quest Bonus Remover" - "Removes 12x Class Quest bonus experience boosts while active. All Legacy Boosts and XP Boost items retain their affect." and "Experience Eliminator" - "Prevents any and all experience gains while active."

In-Depth Changes

GOM Changes
Ability Changes
Achievement Changes
Changed Areas
Changed Codex Entries
Changed Collections
Changed Conquests
Changed Conversations
Changed Decorations
Changed Items
Changed MTX Entries
Changed NPCs
String Changes
Changed Quests
Changed Talents

Commando Changes
Merc Changes

Guardian Changes
Juggernaught Changes

Sage Changes
Sorc Changes

Shadow Changes
Assasin Changes

Operative Changes
Scoundrel Changes

Powertech Changes
Vanguard Changes

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