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3.2 PTS Update 3 Mined

An overview of some of the changes in 3.2 PTS Update 3. Including new soundtracks and more!

Everything you see here is subject to change.

New Soundtracks

Things of Note

  • Lots of new soundtracks, I tried to cut out as many duplicates as I could.
  • 12x Exp remover and complete exp remover item names changed to "White Acute Module" and "Yellow Acute Module" respectively.
  • Added a Floor Safe and Wall Safe decoration from the Security Key vendor.
  • They removed all the names from all the areas in the game. Probably something todo with why they didn't bring the PTS back up.
  • Removal of armor restrictions for the outfit designer

In-Depth Changes

GOM Changes
Ability Changes
Achievement Changes
Changed Areas
Changed Conversations
Changed Decorations
Changed Items
Changed NPCs
String Changes
Changed Quests

About the Author
Author: SwtorPotato