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3.2.1 PTS Update 1 Mined

An overview of some of the changes in 3.2.1 PTS Update 1. Including new Cartel Market Images, Soundtracks and more!

Everything you see here is subject to change.

New Images

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New Soundtracks

Things of Note

Here is a page that shows the new items and changes using the TOR Community database. Please keep in mind it is still a WIP.

  • Malgus, Satele, Shae Vizla and Revan statues for strongholds that play sounds from previous content.
  • Pure black crystals removed from packs, still exists in the client but Bioware have a habit of not removing unused things.
  • Added a "Platinum Pack" that contains one extra rar or better bonus item from the Core Explorer's Packs
  • More work on the Stronghold training dummy but please keep in mind that has been a WIP for several months at this point.
  • Cloak of Pain ICD reduced to one second from 1.5
  • Cloak of Rage ICD reduced to two seconds from 3
  • Brawn for Vengeance now has the same effects as Unstoppable as it did previously. The Unstoppable utility for Vengeance is now redundant.

In-Depth Changes

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